Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bear Lake

We went to Bear Lake while Tyler and Sunee were in town. We had so much fun together the kids didn't want to come home.

Waterfall Canyon Hike

This hike was really fun. It was easier and shorter than Adams Canyon. The waterfall was really pretty and a lot more rocks and exploring for the kids to do when you get to the top. We went up with Dave, Benson and Keziah. Dave carried Keziah up and down the whole way in a toddler backpack.

Riding the Weber River

We went tubing down the Weber River for family night. We had so much fun. There was a little waterfall that Landen and I went down together and got knocked off. We will definitely will be doing this again soon.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The 4th & 24th of July

Our family loves July!!!! It is full of parties, BBQ's, parades, fireworks, swimming, picnics, ect. On the 4th we always go to the Kaysville parade, where they have a huge water fight at the end. We go home and get into dry clothes and meet at the Layton Park. We just hang out there painting finger nails and faces, snacking and we do alot of people watching. On the Sunday before the 24th we always go to the Weber State fireworks and pretty much do the same thing as on the 4th. We love it!!!!!! It is just a good excuse to be with eachother and have fun. It has become our family tradition.

Hiking up Adams Canyon

We went on such a fun hike a couple weeks ago. We went with Brian & Alicia & their kids and my brother Thomas who we haven't seen in a really long time. It was a hard hike, but all the kids did really well. It was totally worth it when we got to the top and saw the beautiful waterfall.
It was really fun to see the kids stuggling to make it to the top, but when they did they felt like they had accomplished something. We kept telling them it would be worth the stuggle once we got to the top because of the waterfall, and it was. We had a lot of fun together. I was so glad we do this with Thomas. It was fun to hang out with him, he has grown up to be such a great kid.

Bear Lake

We had so much fun at Bear Lake. We went up there and spent the day for the 24th of July. We rented wave runners and hung out there on the beach. After a long day of playing in the sun the kids were worn out as you can see, Landen fell alsleep right on the beach. It was really windy so it made riding the wave runners even more fun. Next week we will be spending a whole 11 days up there, we can't wait. One last good trip before the summer ends and the kids have to go back to school.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Saint George

We went to St. George over spring break and had so much fun. We went with Jen and her kids, Alicia and her kids and we met Emily & Brian down there. My sister Britney also came and stayed the night with us. That was so fun because I haven't seen her for probably over 12 years. It was fun to spent time with her, she is so pretty and very patient with all the kids running around.
We swam most of the time. We went on a hike, that was our favorite part. The red rocks are so pretty. We found these baby squirrels and Stetler and Khloe were crying to take them home. We had a easter egg hunt and colored easter eggs. After it is all said and done, I need a vacation from our vacation. Three adults for ten kids wears you out, but is was totally worth it. Thanks sista's for the awesome trip, I love spending time with you guys, you're totally the best. I am so greatful to have such awesome sisters (yeh my sister-in-law is just like a sister to me).